2016 Mid-Market Rising Star: Aviva Leebow Wolmer

Aviva Leebow Wolmer has been a transformative and commanding force during her tenure of leadership at Pacesetter, the unprecedented leader in innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. Initially, Aviva was responsible for creating “Pacesetter University,” before transitioning first to Vice President for People and subsequently Executive Vice President – a role responsible for the company’s corporate, profitable growth.

Upon Aviva’s promotion to CEO, she released the Vivid Vision. This document continues to inspire and direct a culture shift within the organization. Under Aviva’s dedication to innovation, partnership and personal fulfillment in the workplace, departmental boundaries no longer exist and she has ignited inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, and collaboration throughout the entire organization.

Aviva is aggressively working to break down the perception that steel is an antiquated industry and replace it with her vision of a vibrant, technology-driven cornerstone of American manufacturing.